Claire Easton

Research Manager, +44 (0)1753 637299

Claire has extensive experience of designing and leading qualitative and quantitative research projects for a range of clients including small organisations, local and national government and the Third Sector. She has taken responsibility for evaluating national programmes as well as small-scale targeted local initiatives. Claire is skilled at collecting data from a variety of research participants including young children and families to senior leaders. She is keen to apply innovative and creative research methods, pioneering the use of audience response systems for participation and consultation exercises with very young children, young people with special needs and disabilities and adults.

Claire leads the LARC collaborative projects where she works with around 20 local authorities each year to support them to develop and conduct their own research within the context of a national project. Claire is keen to develop understanding and capacity for research in schools, authorities and organisations to support self-evaluation and works creatively and innovatively to meet client’s needs.

Selected publications