David Hereward

Research Manager
d.hereward@nfer.ac.uk, +44 (0)1753 637352

Dave Hereward is a Research Manager within Research and Product Operations at NFER and has worked on a wide variety of projects whilst at NFER, including the management of large scale data collection and analyses exercises, such as data collections of years 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 optional test results on behalf of STA and DCSF and the pre-testing of key stage 3 mathematics tests on contract to STA. Dave was the project leader for the Technical Pre-tests of Level 6 English reading, mathematics and Level 3-5 and Level 6 Technical English for key stage 2, during Summer 2013. He is a member of the team running NFER’s optional test analysis service for primary schools and has particular responsibility for liaison with Local Authority customers about their analysis requirements. Dave has managed the survey administration aspects for various randomized control trials including the sampling, recruitment and randomization of schools for participation in the Evaluation of Rapid Reading for Harcourt Publishers, the Evaluation of the In:tuition Life-skills Programme for Drinkaware as well as several randomized control trials funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.