Elizabeth Pope

assessment@nfer.ac.uk, +44 (0)1753 637196

Elizabeth joined NFER in 2013. Working for a range of clients, she has contributed to grammar and reading item-writing and project delivery at all key stages, and for higher education. She has worked on NFER’s own suite of assessments, the mapping of the National Curriculum, the design and delivery of training workshops for item-writers and markers and advised on linguistic matters for various projects.

Elizabeth holds a first degree from the University of Edinburgh. Her master’s degree, in Education, was gained from the University of Cambridge. She has a wealth of experience in both conducting and evaluating quantitative and qualitative inquiry, and submitted an extensive mixed-methods research study in fulfillment of her master’s degree.

Her academic background is complemented by teaching experience in the UK, Spain and South Korea where she gained familiarity with a number of international teaching and assessment models.