Jennie Harland

Research Manager, +44 (0)1904 567606

Selected publications

Lord, P., Sharp, C., Harland, J., Mehta, P. and White, R. (2016). Evaluation of In Harmony: Final Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Wespieser, K., Harland, J., Fellows, T. and Theobald, K. (2016). Executive Headteachers: What's in a Name? A Full Report of the Findings. Slough, Birmingham and London: NFER, NGA and TFLT. [Available online]

Straw, S., Quinlan, C., Harland, J. and Walker, M. (2015). Flipped Learning - New Models of Mathematics Learning. London: Nesta. [Available online]

Straw, S., Quinlan, C., Harland, J. and Walker, M. (2015). Flipped Learning - Practitioner Guide. London: Nesta. [Available online]

Harland, J. and Sharp, C. (2015). Cultural Education Partnerships (England) Pilot Study. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Harland, J., Lynn, L. and Sainsbury, M. (2014) Initial Evaluation of the Impact of Big Writing. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Harland, J., Straw, S., Stevens, E. and Dawson, A. (2012). Exploring the engagement of STEM SMEs with education: key findings research summary. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Straw, S., Hart, R. and Harland, J. (2011). An evaluation of the impact of STEMNET’s services on pupils and teacher. Slough: NFER. [Available online

Available online] Slough: NFER.

Lord, P., Straw, S., Hart, R., Springate, I. and Harland, J. (2009). Evaluation of Chemistry for our Future: Extension Phase Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Springate, I., Harland, J., Lord, P. and Straw. S. (2009). Evaluation of the 2008-09 DCSF-funded Specialist Schools and Academies Trust STEM Pathfinder Programme. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Lamont, E., Harland, J., Mitchell, H. and Straw, S. (2009). Evaluation of the GTC’s Teacher Learning Academy (TLA): Impacts on Teachers, Pupils and Schools. London: GTC.  [Available online]

Walker, M., Springate, I., Harland, J., Straw, S. (2009). Evaluation of the Career Developments of Early Years Professionals (EYPs). Leeds: CWDC. [Available online]

Lamont, E., Harland, J., Atkinson, M and White, R. (2009). Provision of Mental Health Services for Care Leavers: Transition to Adult Services (LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Jones, M., Harland, J., Mitchell, H., Springate, I. and Straw, S. (2008). Evaluation of the Chemistry for Non-Specialists Training Programme: Final Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online

Lord, P., Straw, S., Springate, I., Harland, J. and Hart, R. (2008). Evaluation of Chemistry for Our Future: Report on the First year of the Evaluation (2007 - 2008). Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Springate, I., Harland, J., Lord, P. and Wilkin, A. (2008). Why Choose Physics and Chemistry? The Factors Affecting BME Students' Choices Regarding Physics and Chemistry for Study and Careers (Research Summary Findings). Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Kinder, K., Wilkin, A., Atkinson, M. and Harland, J. (2008). Evaluating the Early Impact of Integrated Children’s Services: Round 1 Final Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

White, R., Harland, J., Kendall, S. and Kinder, K. (2008). The Role of the Lead Member for Children’s Services. Final Report (LGA Research Report F/SR268). Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Halsey, K., Harland, J. and Springate, I. (2007). Increasing Capacity in STEM Education Research: a Study Exploring the Potential for a Fellowship Programme. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Harland, J. (2007). ‘How do young people make chemistry-careers decisions?, Practical Research for Education, 37, 18-23.

Atkinson, A., Martin, K., Downing, D., Harland, J., Kendall, S. and White, R. (2007). Support for Children who are Educated at Home. Slough. NFER. [Available online]

Kendall, S., Wilkin, A., Kinder, K., Gulliver, C., Harland, J., Martin, K. and White, R. (2007).Effective Alternative Provision (DCSF Research Report RW002). London: DCSF. [Available online]

Harland, J. (2007). ‘The voice of young people’, Education Journal, 104, 29-30.

Lord, P., Harland, J.L. and Gulliver, C. (2006). An Evaluation of the Royal Society of Chemistry Careers Materials. London: RSC. [Available online]

Harland, J., Halsey, K. and Downing, D. (2006). An Evaluation of the GTC-DfES-LEA Continuing Professional Development Partnership Project: Examining the Progress and Lasting Impacts of the Partnership Project. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Halsey, K., Murfield, J., Harland, J. and Lord, P. (2006). The Voice of Young People: an Engine for Improvement? Scoping the Evidence: Literature Review. Reading: CfBT Education Trust. [Available online]

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