Jo Morrison

Research Manager - statistics, +44 (0)1753 637394

Jo is a statistician in the Centre for Statistics at NFER. She has worked in the field of educational statistics for over 10 years, analysing data that arises from numerous sources; via surveys, aptitude and ability tests and administrative data such as the DfE’s NPD and ILR. Jo has experience of utilising a wide variety of analysis techniques, from the simple crosstab to more sophisticated models. (e.g. multilevel models or item response theory to elicit patterns and test hypotheses.)

Recent work includes:

As well as conducting analysis, Jo advises on the collection of data to ensure that resulting information is suitable, she trains research colleagues in statistical techniques and use of software, she interprets results and present findings in written and graphical forms. She is a Chartered Statistician, a professional qualification awarded by the Royal Statistical Society.