Jonathan Greenwood MA

Design and Production Controller, +44 (0)1753 637117

In 2001 Jonathan joined the Design Team at the NFER progressing from Designer to Deputy Design Manager in 2008, and then to Design and Production Controller in 2010. As Design and Production Controller Jonathan develops the designed output of the Assessment and Research operations of the NFER on a day to day basis. Primary responsibilities include ensuring close adherance to the technical production guidelines laid down by sponsors, relaying technical details to the team of designers, ensuring quality throughout the development process and establishing the most efficient and secure working practices on a project by project basis.

Jonathan has worked on a wide variety of projects at the NFER including National Curriculum Assessments (statutory and optional), and on many projects for other departments within the foundation. His key areas of work have been the international projects TIMSS and PIRLS as well as more recently designing the NFER Tests, Curriculum Guides and Practical Guides. He has also spent considerable time working on detailed documents for national test materials for several UK countries.

Jonathan has strong technical skills in all the relevant software used in the design team as well as excellent skills in pre-press production methods such as Pass4Press set-ups, PDF/X and Acrobat Preflighting working closely with internal and externally based printers.