Kelly Kettlewell

Research Manager, +44 (0)1753 637214

Selected publications

Kettlewell, K., Stevens, E., O’Beirne, C. and Everett, H. (2014). School Approaches to Supporting Students to Remain Engaged at Key Stage 4: Baseline Case Study Report. Slough: NFER.

Kettlewell, K. and Aston, H. (2014). Realising Opportunities Evaluation: Cohort 3 Final Report – July 2013. Slough: NFER.

Hill, R., Kettlewell, K. and Salt, J. (2014). Partnership working in small rural primary schools: the best of both worlds. Reading: CfBT.

O’Beirne, C., Kettlewell, K., Stevens, E. and Sharp, C. (2014). Evaluation of the Second Year of PRIME. Slough: NFER.

Kettlewell, K., Southcott, C., Featherstone, G., Stevens, E. and Sharp, C. (2012). Evaluation of the First Year of PRIME. Slough: NFER.

Kettlewell, K., Southcott, C., Stevens, E. and Sims, D. (2012). The evaluation of the NYA tailored support offer to local authorities (LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER.

Kettlewell, K., Lamont, E and Aston, H(2011) Evaluation of the Reach for Excellence programme: longitudinal report for cohorts 1 and 2. Slough: NFER.

Kettlewell, K. and Sims, D. (2011). Evaluation of the NYA Engagement Network. (LG Group Research Report). Slough: NFER.

Spielhofer, T., Golden, S. and Evans, K. (2011). Young People's Aspirations in Rural Areas.Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Evans, K., George, N., White, K., Sharp. C., Morris, M. and Marshall, H. (2010) Ensuring that all children and young people make sustained progress and remain fully engaged through all transitions between key stages. C4EO Schools and Communities Research Review 2.London: C4EO.

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