Palak Mehta

Research Manager - statistics, +44 (0)1753 637385

Selected publications

Martin, K., Sharp, C. and Mehta, P. (2013). The Impact of the Summer Schools Programme on Pupils: Research Report. Slough: NFER.

Martin, K, Sharp, C, Day L, Gardener, R, Mehta, P and Cook, R. (2013). Summer Schools Programme for Disadvantaged Pupils: Overview Report (DfE research report RR271A), London: DfE.

Walker, M., Bartlett, S., Betts, H., Sainsbury, M. and Mehta, P. (2013). Evaluation of the Phonics Screening Check: First Interim Report (DfE research report RR286A), London: DfE.

Earley, P, Higham, R, Allen, R, Allen, T, Howson, J, Nelson, R, Rawar, S, Lynch, S, Morton, L, Mehta, P and Sims, D. (2012). Review of the school leadership landscape. Nottingham; National College for School Leadership.

Phillips, L., Smith, R., Martin, K., Mehta, P. and Durbin, D. (2012) Evaluation of the YJB Pilot Resettlement Support Panel Scheme. Wales: Welsh Government.

Mehta, P. and Rutt, S. (2012). Hidden Talents: A statistical review of destinations of young graduates (LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER.

Allen. T., Mehta. P., and Rutt. S (2012). Hidden Talents: a statistical overview of the participation patterns of young people aged 16-24 (LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER.

Lamont, E., Mehta, P., Nicholas, J. and Aston, H. (2011). An evaluation of the Reach for Excellence Programme: Cohort three and school/college links views. Slough: NFER.

Wade, P., Bergeron, C., White, K., Teeman, D., Sims, D., Mehta, P. (2011). Key Stage 2 career-related learning pathfinder evaluation (DfE research report RR116), London: DfE.

Morris, M., Rutt, S., Kendall, L. and Mehta, P. (2008). Narrowing the Gap in Outcomes for Vulnerable Groups: Overview and Analysis of Available Datasets on Vulnerable Groups and the Five ECM Outcomes. Slough: NFER.

Gu, Q., Sammons, P., Mehta, P. (2008) Leadership characteristics and practices in schools with different effectiveness and improvement profiles, School Leadership & Management, 28:1, 43-63.

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