Pippa Lord

Senior Research Manager 

p.lord@nfer.ac.uk, +44 (0)1904 567633

Selected publications


Lord, P., Straw, S., Hart, R., Springate, I. and Harland, J. (2009). Evaluation of Chemistry for our Future: Extension Phase Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

NFER Lord, P., Straw, S., Harland, J.L., Springate, I. and Jones, M. (2008). Evaluation of Chemistry for our Future: Interim report. London: RSC.

Springate, I., Harland, J.L., Lord, P. and Wilkin, A. (2008). Why Choose Physics and Chemistry? The Influences on Physics and Chemistry Subject Choices of BME Students.London: The Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Chemistry. [Available online]

Lord, P., Harland, J.L. and Gulliver, C. (2006). An Evaluation of the Royal Society of Chemistry Careers Materials. London: RSC.

Arts and Creativity

Lord, P., Sharp, C., Dawson, A., Mehta, P., White, R. and Jeffes, J. (2013). Evaluation of In Harmony: Year 1 Interim Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Dawson, A., Featherstone, G. and Sharp, C. (2013). London Schools Research: Cultural Engagement. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Shapr, C., Cooper, L. and Grayson, H. (2012). Raising the Standard of Work By, With and For Children and Young People: Research and Consultation to Understand the Principles of Quality. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Wilson, R., Grayson, H. and Sharp, C. (2012). London Schools Research: Cultural Engagement. Discussion Paper 1: Key Messages from the Rapid Evidence Assessment.Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Jones, M., Harland, J., Bazalgette, C., Reid, M., Potter, J. and Kinder, K. (2007).Special Effects: the Distinctiveness of Learning Outcomes in Relation to Moving Image Education Projects. Summary Report. London: Creative Partnerships.

Downing, D., Lord, P., Jones, M., Martin, K. and Springate, I. (2007). Study of Creative Partnerships' Local Sharing of Practice and Learning. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Halsey, K., Jones, M. and Lord, P. (2006). What Works in Stimulating Creativity amongst Socially Excluded Young People. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Harland, J., Lord, P., Stott, A., Kinder, K., Lamont, E. and Ashworth, M. (2005). The Arts-Education Interface: a Mutual Learning Triangle? Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Young people's voice

Davies, I., Hampden Thompson, G., Sundaram, V., Tsouroufli, M., Jeffes, J., and Lord, P. (2013). Creating Citizenship Communities, Final Report. Department of Education: University of York. [Available online]

Lord, P. and Jones, M. (2006). Pupils' Experiences and Perspectives of the National Curriculum and Assessment: Final Report for the Research Review. Slough: NFER.

Halsey, K., Murfield, J., Harland, J.L. and Lord, P. (2006). The Voice of Young People: an Engine for Improvement? Scoping the Evidence: Literature Review. Reading: CfBT Education Trust.

CIDREE (2006). Including the student Voice in Curriculum Development and Review. Final report of CIDREE collaborative project.

Lord, P. and O’Donnell, S. with Brown, R. and Grayson, H. (2005). International Review of Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks: Thematic Probe. Learner Motivation 3-19: an International Perspective.

Harland, J., Moor, H., Lord, P., Kinder, K., Kaur, S., Johnson, F. and Felgate, R. (2003).Talking 4: the Pupil Voice on the Key Stage 4 Curriculum : Key Stage 4 Phase Short Report(Report4 of the Northern Ireland Curriculum Cohort Study).Belfast: Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment.

Children’s services

Sharp. C., Lord, P., Handscomb, G., Macleod, S., Southcott, C., George, N. and Jeffes, J. (2012). Highly Effective Leadership in Children's Centres. Nottingham: National College for School Leadership. [Available online]

Lord, P., Southcott, C. and Sharp, C. (2011). Targeting children's centre services on the most needy families (LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Hart, R., Martin, K. and Atkinson, M. (2009). Narrowing the Gap in Outcomes: Governance (LGA Research Report). Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P., Macleod, S., O’Donnell, S. and Sargent, C. (2010). An international perspective on integrated children’s services. Reading: CfBT. Available online: http://www.cfbt.com/evidenceforeducation/pdf/2646_childrens_services_web.pdf

Lord, P., Kinder, K., Wilkin, A., Atkinson, M. and Harland, J. (2008). Evaluating the Early Impact of Integrated Children's Services: Round 1 Final Report. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Lord, P. Springate, I., Atkinson, M., Haines, B., Morris, M., O’Donnell, L., Benefield, P., Harper, A. and Sharp, C. (2008). Improving Development Outcomes for Children Through Effective Practice in Integrating Early Years Services (C4EO Scoping Review 1).

Kendall, S., Straw, S., Jones, M., Springate, I., Lord, P. and Stoney, S. (2007). Narrowing the Gap in Outcomes for Vulnerable Groups. A Review of the Research Evidence: Summary of Key Findings. Slough: NFER.

Lord, P., Wilkin, A., Kinder, K., Murfield, J., Jones, M., Chamberlain, T., Easton, C., Martin, K., Gulliver, C., Paterson, C., Ries, J., Moor, H., Stott, A., Wilkin, C. and Stoney, S. (2006).Analysis of Children and Young People's Plans 2006. Slough: NFER. [Available online]

Teaching workforce

Walker, M., Jeffes, J., Hart, R., Lord, P. and Kinder, K. (2010). Making the links between teachers’ professional standards, induction, performance management and continuing professional development. London: DCSF. Available online: https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/eOrderingDownload/DFE-RR075.pdf

Lord, P., Atkinson, M. and Mitchell, H. (2008). Mentoring and Coaching for Professionals: a Study of the Research Evidence. London: TDA.

Lord, P., Lamont, E., Harland, J., Mitchell, H. and Straw, S. (2009). Evaluation of the GTC’s Teacher Learning Academy (TLA): Impacts on Teachers, Pupils and Schools. London: TLA.

Moor, H., Lamont, E., Lord, P. and Gulliver, C. (2006). The Teacher Learning Academy. An Evaluation of the Teacher Learning Academy: Phases 1 and 2. Final Report.

Moor, H., Lord, P., Johnson, A. and Martin, K. (2005). ‘All Together Better’: an Evaluation of the GTC-DfES-LEA Continuing Professional Development Partnership Project.

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