Sigrid Boyd

Head of Eurydice Unit for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, +44 (0)1753 637185

Sigrid Boyd is a Senior Information and Reviews Manager in NFER’s Research Department, focusing on projects which report on and analyse education policy and structures internationally. Since 2010, Sigrid has been head of the Eurydice Unit, which is managed by NFER on behalf of the UK Government. The unit is part of a network established by the European Commission and EU member states to support European cooperation in the field of education. Sigrid oversees the contribution for England, Wales and Northern Ireland to all of Eurydice’s national reporting and comparative studies. Recent studies have covered: adult learning; school quality; early leaving from education and training; early childhood education and care; Education and Training 2020; teachers and school leaders; access, retention and employability in higher education; learner mobility in higher education; teaching languages; citizenship education; key competences; grade retention; teaching reading; mathematics education; measures to integrate immigrant children into school; and higher education governance.

Sigrid is also Book Review Editor for Educational Research, a peer-reviewed journal edited at the NFER with a broad scope and an international readership.

Sigrid holds a degree in Linguistics and English Language from the University of York.