Susie Bamford

Quantitative Researcher and Statistician, +44(0)1753 637421

Susie joined the Centre for Evaluation and Consultancy in February 2015 as a quantitative researcher and statistician. She is involved in a variety of projects with a number of clients.

Prior to joining NFER Susie held postdoctoral research fellow positions at Bangor University, and the University of Southampton. She has worked on a number of projects significant to education ranging from assessing the best educational environments for children of different abilities, to designing, implementing, and assessing behavioural interventions to promote healthy eating and increase fitness behaviours in primary school children.

She has substantial experience of designing and running RCTs, in schools and the community, and is an active member of the NFER Education Trials Unit. She is also skilled in a number of different statistical analysis techniques including, amongst others, ANOVA, regression, correlation, non-parametric tests, factor analysis, principle components analysis, and Bayesian analysis.

Susie has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Warwick, an MSc in Psychological Research and a PhD in Experimental Psychology, both from Bangor University. She is also a chartered psychologist with the BPS.