Introducing NFER Classroom

By Nicola Ward

Monday 30 July 2018

When you think of NFER, what first comes to mind? If you are a school leader or practitioner, you may know us first and foremost as a research organisation. Perhaps you have read or heard about our work in education research, or even participated in one of our research trials over the years. You may also know us for our products and services, having used our assessments to support your teacher judgements or used one of our resources to boost research-engagement in your school.

The truth is, NFER works in several ways to ensure evidence is used to support the best possible education for children and young people. This is our core mission and one which sits at the heart of everything we do.

We channel this mission every day through work in our key topic areas such as assessment, school funding, social mobility and teacher retention, and by sharing our knowledge and expertise on key issues in education with policy makers and other stakeholders. Although this has a meaningful top-down impact on schools, we remain committed to supporting teachers and school practitioners on the ground, in ways that have a practical benefit in the classroom and beyond.

This is why we are delighted to have launched NFER Classroom this summer, our new and wholly school-centric sub brand. NFER Classroom will bring together all the information, resources and practical support from NFER that is directly relevant to those working in and for schools, helping to save you time accessing the information that will be of real value to you. This includes digestible research insights, free practitioner resources and expert guidance, in addition to our widely-used, evidence-based products and services.

Over the coming months you will be able to access all this and more via the ‘For schools’ area of our website. Follow @NFERClassroom on Twitter and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, NFER Direct for Schools, to be the first to hear when new updates land.