NFER policy updates, analyses and latest evidence on education and related issues for the UK 2017 General Election

We believe firmly that evidence must be at the heart of education policy, and will continue to contribute directly by providing independent evidence.

Latest evidence
New research
A tale of eight regions: Part 2: Challenge and support across the Regional Schools Commissioner areas
Research report

Headteacher Retention Research
Research report

Education facts for Election 2017
NFER is working with Full Fact to produce education factsheets and other material for the UK General Election.
Election factsheets

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Information resources

The NFER blog
When I saw the opportunity to take the prime minister to task over grammar schools, I had to take it
Getting the facts straight on education
Putting evidence at the heart of policymaking
Who’s interested in education?

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Responses to policy consultations
Education Select Committee teacher supply inquiry NFER response, February 2017

Education Select Committee primary assessment inquiry: NFER response, January 2017

Schools that work for everyone Key points from NFER's submissions, December 2016

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Policy papers and NFER Thinks
Academies: It's time to learn the lessons
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NFER Direct and NFER Direct for Schools

Key policy areas
Workforce - recruitment, development and retention of teachers and school leaders underpins everything else in the education system

Self-improving-system - academies, free schools and regional school commissioners are all hallmarks of a system that has moved away from central direction

PISA & international data - looking at the UK through the lens of international data


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