Liberal Democrats pledges 2017

Claim/pledge 1

‘Schools in England are facing an unprecedented funding crisis, with rising pupil numbers and an inadequate financial settlement means that real-terms per-pupil funding is being squeezed. At the same time the Conservatives’ flawed approach to the National Fair Funding Formula means some schools will lose out even more… Liberal Democrats/ will reverse all cuts to frontline school and college budgets, protecting per pupil funding in real terms, introduce a fairer NFF with a protection for all schools, so that no school loses money. Protect the Pupil Premium. Over the parliament, this means nearly £7 billion more for school and college budgets.’

(The Liberal Democrates Manifesto, 2017, p26)

Evidence/ data check

Claim/pledge 2

 ‘…extend free school meals to all children in primary education and promote school breakfast clubs.’

(The Liberal Democrates Manifesto, 2017, p30)


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