Cooking and nutrition

This briefing (data collected 2011 and reviewed in August 2012) has been produced by Eurydice at NFER in the context of the review of the National Curriculum in England. The review, which is wide-ranging, includes consideration of the place of cooking, food skills and nutrition within the curriculum and as part of the Programme of Study for Design and Technology. The briefing is based on the results of an enquiry made to the Eurydice Network on how these themes are taught in primary and secondary schools in Europe. The questions, in summary, were:

  • How does cooking and food skills fit into the curriculum?
  • Is there any overarching statement of the purpose of this subject?
  • How is the curriculum specified in terms of content, broad aims and/or student attainment targets?
  • Does attainment in this subject have any significant consequences for students? For example does it contribute to assessments that determine student progression or provide certification?

The briefing covers Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Scotland, Belgium (French-speaking), Finland, Iceland, Malta, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain.