Eurydice supports European cooperation and decision-making in education by providing information on and analysis of education systems and policies in 38 countries. Network publications have three main sources of information which are drawn together by analysts at the central European Unit:

  • normative and qualitative information provided by national units which relates to legislation and other official steering documents
  • statistical data from Eurostat and the UOE database (a joint UNESCO, OECD and Eurostat source)
  • results of international education surveys.

All Eurydice reports are available free on the Network website and from the EU bookshop.

The following pages contain details of the Eurydice network output and Eurydice at NFER's policy briefings organised into five broad themes:

Material published between 2004 and 2010 is available from our archived publications page

The Eurydice Network also produces the online encyclopaedia of descriptions of national education systems. These are compiled by national Eurydice units, each following a detailed common framework, and contain extensive information on all of the themes listed above. Articles covering reforms and policy developments are updated three times a year, whilst the remaining articles are updated annually.

Last updated May 2017