Implications for Teaching: Reflections on year 6 reading attainment

To help year 6 teachers with their curriculum planning and year 7 teachers as they support the transition of pupils to secondary school, we have scrutinised the data and the papers from the 2017 and 2018 KS2 national curriculum tests for reading and combined these findings with some of the key diagnostic points from our own year 6 NFER Tests.

Based upon the proportion of pupils successfully answering different questions; attaining multiple marks where they were available; or choosing not to attempt particular questions, the result is these easy to refer to summaries. In the documents you will see which skills have generally been well-embedded by the end of primary education (Pupils can…); which tend to be a work-in-progress (Pupils find it harder to…); and which require more substantial focus and teaching (Pupils find it hardest to…).


Implications for Teaching Guidance for Year 6 Teachers (Reading) - Download for free now

Implications for Teaching Guidance for Year 7 Teachers (Reading) - Download for free now

To complement these free summaries, a series of short-read articles will be released fortnightly (beginning on 14 October 2019) on this page. Each article will cover a different set of discrete skills, building up a comprehensive analysis of where pupils’ strengths and weaknesses lie. Featuring illustrative examples from previous years’ national curriculum tests and further diagnostic information from our own suite of reading tests for year 6, these articles will offer a succinct and focused synopsis to assist teachers in targeting their teaching appropriately whilst continuing to offer a rich and varied curriculum. You can access the first of these articles below.

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