NFER School Leaders' Panel

Since 2012, a Panel of School Leaders from England and Wales has been helping us with our programme of work to support our charitable purpose of improving outcomes for future generations everywhere and to support real, positive change to the education system.

Members of the panel join small groups of NFER colleagues and professionals to help us shape our activities so they can make a difference. We recognise that school leaders are busy so we take account of this in our interactions and the extent of engagement is varied. Most interactions with the panel are held in one-to-one or in small group (online/telephone) meetings, although we might also bring together the panel occasionally face to face. They play an important role of acting as ‘critical friends’ of our work, and ensuring we are able to root our activity in the issues of most importance to schools and the wider education system as a whole.

In the past the school leader panel has been involved in:

  • the development of new products
  • advice on marketing campaigns
  • support on publications aimed at head teachers
  • early stage trialing of research instruments
  • web site development
  • trialling of new products and services.

Membership of the group is reviewed annually and we aim to retain a cross section of English and Welsh schools represented on the panel.

At present, we are not seeking additional members for the panel, but please keep an eye out for updates via our website or social media channels.

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