Evaluation of the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP)

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NFER is undertaking an evaluation of The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) between 2018 and 2020.

The AMSP is a government-funded initiative, managed by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI), which aims to increase participation in AS/A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and Core Maths, and improve the teaching of these level 3 maths qualifications.

The AMSP started on 1 May 2018 and provides national support targeted at teachers and students in all state-funded schools and colleges in England. Additional support will be given to those in priority areas to boost social mobility, so that, whatever their gender, background or location, students can choose their best maths pathway post-16, and have access to high-quality maths teaching.

The external evaluation includes:

  • regular consultations with project managers/deliverers
  • review and validation of internal management data
  • school and college case-study visits
  • online and paper survey of schools and colleges
  • support with internal analysis of level 3 mathematics participation and attainment data
  • telephone interviews with teachers participating in on-demand professional development
  • small-scale consultation with key stakeholders
  • cost effectiveness assessment.