Research into Part-Time and Flexible Working in Schools

 Privacy statement for research participants

Teacher retention is a critical issue for the school sector in England, particularly in the secondary sector. NFER research has shown that a lack of part-time and flexible working opportunities in schools is an important factor contributing to some secondary teachers leaving the profession. Policy action to improve the availability of these working patterns is therefore likely to have long-term benefits for teacher supply.

This small-scale research aims to investigate:

  1. the potential un-met demand from secondary teachers for part-time / flexible working
  2. the main barriers to offering part-time / flexible working for secondary school leaders
  3. the learning from secondary school leaders in the most flexible schools (i.e. schools employing a relatively high proportion of teachers on part-time contracts).

NFER has included some questions about this in our Teacher Voice survey and is conducting telephone interviews with senior leaders in 20 secondary schools.