Standardisation of additional tests for the New Group Reading Tests

What are the purposes and aims of the project?

The aim of the project is to standardise four additional tests for the New Group Reading Test (NGRT). This is an established and popular reading test to support teacher assessment of the reading skills of children and to monitor their progress up to the age of 16. The new tests will complement and enhance the existing suite of NGRT tests already available.

Who is sponsoring NFER to carry out this work?

GL Assessment, publisher of New Group Reading Tests.

How have schools been selected to take part?

NFER has drawn a random, representative sample of schools to be invited to take part in this work.

Do schools have to take part?

Participation in this project is entirely optional.

What does taking part involve?

We would like schools to help with the trialling of new materials with pupils in years 1-9 excluding year 3. Schools can decide themselves when to administer the tests during the survey period, which will run from 3- 28 February 2014. Pupils will be required to take one test, which should take no longer than 45 minutes to administer. The test will need to be introduced to a class by the teacher and pupils will complete the test alone.

How will schools benefit from taking part?

Schools will be given feedback on their pupils’ performance in the tests.

How will NFER use and protect the data collected?

Data collected from schools will be used to inform the analysis. All data relating to this project will be kept confidential and no individual school or pupil will be identified in any way outside NFER. No information that identifies any individual or school will be provided in any ensuing report or analysis.

What are the outcomes of this research?

New NGRT tests made available that have been developed in response to teacher feedback. The new tests will complement and enhance the existing suite of NGRT tests already available and will provide even greater support for the teaching and learning of reading skills.

Who can be contacted for more information?

Keren Beddow: 01753 637338,