Standardisation of National Numeracy Tests in Wales

What are the purposes and aims of the project?

The Welsh National Testing Programme uses test materials developed exclusively for use in Welsh schools. It is important to ensure that the tests and their scoring scales accurately reflect the achievement of pupils in Wales and as part of this process, NFER is sponsored by the Welsh Government to conduct a standardisation of the live procedural and reasoning tests being taken across Wales in May 2014. This process is necessary to produce national age standardised tables for numeracy.

Who is sponsoring NFER to carry out this work?

The Welsh Government.

How have schools been selected to take part?

A nationally representative sample of schools is drawn and these schools are invited to participate in the standardisation.

Do schools have to take part?

It is not compulsory but a large number of schools are needed to participate in order to produce national age standardised tables for numeracy for Wales.

What does taking part involve?

A randomly sampled class will be required to sit a half hour reasoning test and a half hour procedural anchor test.

How will schools benefit from taking part?

Participating schools will have their live reasoning and procedural papers marked by NFER.

How will NFER use and protect the data collected?

All information relating to this project will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and no school or individual will be identified in any report. NFER will not disclose names of individuals or schools involved in the tests either in any reports arising from the use of this data or in any other way.

What are the outcomes of this research?

The production of national age standardised tables for numeracy.

Who can be contacted for more information?

Mark Bailey on 01753 637335 or at

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