Bite into Writing's approach

Bite into Writing has been designed to offer a flexible, non-prescriptive approach for teachers, and plenty of choice for pupils as they develop their independence as writers. We hope it inspires you to take your pupils on the next stage of their writing journey!

Bite into Writing:

  • is a high-quality educational resource developed alongside classroom teachers to meet current needs
  • offers a flexible, non-prescriptive approach to reading into writing that can fit around a teacher’s curriculum plans; it will give support to those who want guidance and freedom to those who value flexibility
  • includes texts supported with helpful teaching prompts aimed at empowering teachers to model with confidence in order to develop pupils’ writing skills
  • provides a range of short and extended writing opportunities, enabling pupils to make their own choices based on strengths and interests
  • incorporates real-life writing outcomes from schools involved in the development of the resource, exemplified to support consistency in teacher assessment and moderation
  • is written by co-authors with national experience of writing moderation and curriculum development.

Bite into Writing's approach is simple. Reading informs writing: it builds linguistic repertoire. It follows that good readers are often good writers, although this transfer doesn’t always happen naturally. That’s why it’s important to teach pupils to read ‘with a writer’s eye’ and to write ‘with a reader’s eye’.

The Bite into Writing teaching and learning materials provide opportunities to write across a range of genres and for a variety of purposes and audiences. They enable pupils to build a balanced repertoire of writing, helping them to demonstrate their full ability as young writers.

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