Remote learning of reading and writing in year 6

Bite into Writing can offer effective remote learning in conjunction with a school’s online learning hub or website. The materials require minimal planning, and the integrated approach to reading and writing is designed to support teaching and learning across both reading and writing. Each book contains annotated exemplars of pupils’ writing, which can be used for remote staff training, to support internal moderation, or to guide individual teachers when making judgements about their pupils’ work. 

Whilst Bite into Writing is a printed book with teaching activities and assessment guidance, the materials can be used to deliver lessons virtually (for example, using an online meeting system such as MS Teams or Zoom) or uploaded to the school learning hub or website.

The activities support reading comprehension, including inference, prediction, comparison, and summarising main ideas across a text. Pupils are encouraged to explore and discuss language and structure, including figurative language, with a focus on the impact on the reader. Aligned to their reading, Bite into Writing offers an extensive range of opportunities for pupils to write for different purposes and audiences, whilst keeping their own Writing Showcase Record to track work which could contribute to a teacher assessment judgement at the end of the year.


How can Bite into Writing support remote learning?

  • Sharing the quality text with pupils: if pupils do not have access to the book, chapters are short enough to be read aloud via an online meeting system such as MS Teams or Zoom.
  • Using the Talk and explore activities to deepen pupils’ understanding: these activities, written specifically for pupils, can help to focus their reading. They lend themselves to online discussion, and could also be linked to a weekly class blog. Some of the activities are research-based, so are well suited to independent learning.
  • Using the Write-bites as opportunities for pupils to build a resource bank for more extended writing: these short, incidental writing tasks link directly to pupils’ reading, offering a range of opportunities for pupils of all abilities to write independently – for example, by keeping a writing journal to prepare for more extended writing.  Pupils could also share what they have written with peers in small, online teacher-led forums.
  • Using the Spotlight texts and teaching prompts to develop pupils’ understanding of how language, structure, and the writer’s voice impact on the reader: the photocopiable Spotlight texts can be uploaded to the year 6 learning area on the school website; teachers can then use the prompts to help pupils unpick specific aspects of the writing.
  • Offering a range of extended writing opportunities: the twelve Showcase writing prompts encourage extended writing for different purposes and audiences. Pupils might select tasks based on their own areas of interest, or be guided by the teacher.