Supporting teachers and pupils in autumn with NFER Tests

We understand that as more pupils return to the classroom, the task of supporting these pupils and understanding the impact of lost classroom learning will become key. NFER Tests for years 1-6 will provide you with a straightforward way to gather the data insights you need to support pupils and teachers throughout the autumn term.

  • quickly assess pupils starting points in September with summer tests from the proceeding year group used in the first three weeks of the autumn term
  • gather robust baseline data to assess learning needs and inform teaching
  • monitor the progress pupils are making by using autumn term tests in the last three weeks of the autumn term.

See the table below for recommendations on when to use NFER Tests in the autumn term.

Recommendations on when to use NFER Tests in the autumn term

To help make assessment in the autumn term as focused and productive as possible, our assessment experts have produced guidance on how to make use of NFER summer tests in the early autumn term. You can download our useful PDF guide here.

Identifying focus areas with the online Analysis Tool

The NFER Tests Analysis Tool, which is free for all NFER Tests schools, enables you to easily analyse pupil performance, helping to inform planning for the whole cohort as well as on a more individualised basis. Using the Generate Reports function, you can create these useful data summaries:

The NFER Tests Analysis Tool, which is free for all NFER Tests schools, allows you to create a number of useful data summaries, including an attainment comparison report and individual progress report.

Approaching assessment sensitively

To support pupils during the transition back to classroom learning, it is important to remember how these unprecedented circumstances may have impacted their feelings towards school. It may be helpful for focused, valuable and timely assessments to be carefully presented as low-stakes situations which provide formative opportunities for pupil and teacher alike.

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