Test Outcomes

In the post-levels world, it can be difficult to contextualise your assessment outcomes within the bigger picture. To assist you with this, our tests have been standardised with over 60,000 pupils nationally, allowing you to benchmark your pupils accurately and reliably

All NFER Tests provide both age-standardised and standardised scores. In addition, summer tests provide age-related expectation outcomes. More information on these scores can be found here.

Progress monitoring with NFER Tests

Our termly key stage 2 tests allow you to accurately monitor progress in and across key stage 2.

Progress within a school year: When used throughout the school year, NFER Tests can be used to evidence progress made in the year. We now offer termly tests for years 3, 4 and 5, giving you 3 points across the school year to take a snapshot of pupils' attainment to keep track of progress.

Progress year on year: When used together, summer tests will enable progress to be measured from one year to the next. For example, teachers will be able to look at the amount of progress made by a pupil who took the year 3 summer reading test and then the following year took the year 4 summer reading test.