How it Works

The Analysis and Marking process:

NFER manages every stage of the marking and analysis of your NFER Tests. The papers are marked by our experienced panel of markers.

We analyse the results and produce a full, tailored report containing question level data profiles for each pupil including raw scores, age-standardised scores, and standardised scores.

The data allows easy comparison between pupils, between groups of pupils (e.g. boys vs girls), and against national data. You also receive a comprehensive profile for your school.

Key benefits

  • Year-on-year progress analysis using age-standardised scores
  • Data to support teacher assessment and development
  • Reports comparable with latest national data
  • Reduces teacher workload
  • Compare results by gender, SEN and FSM.*

*Requested background information such as pupils’ gender, SEN stage, FSM status and key stage 1 results is treated with strict confidentiality.