Information for Local Authorities

As well as being an effective way for schools to track progress and performance of pupils, the NFER analysis and marking service can also be used by local authorities (LAs) to gather the information essential for planning and monitoring at a local level.

What do LAs get from the service?

  • Comprehensive reports for schools showing the breakdown of performance compared to nationally representative norms, with breakdowns by year group, gender and other pupil data provided by schools
  • The opportunity to undertake year-on-year comparisons for schools who have participated in the service in previous years
  • An aggregated LA report comparing your schools' results to each other and to national norms (this is dependent on more than half your schools participating in the service)
  • The service also reduces teachers' workloads, combines with and strengthens teacher assessments.

The reports can be used to:

  • identify areas of strength and weakness across your schools
  • compare results for girls and boys and across year groups and other pupil information such as EAL and SEN
  • compare results against nationally representative norms
  • share information with the aim of improving outcomes for young people locally.

Costing options for LAs:

We are offering LAs the opportunity to purchase the service on behalf of your schools.

Costing options are as follows:

  • You can cover the total cost of your schools participating
  • You can ask your schools to cover their individual costs
  • You may decide to split the cost between you and your schools. This would need to be administered within the LA

How to take part:

If you are interested in using this service, please email or contact our products team on 01753 637007, and we will then contact you to discuss the options further.

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