Key Stage 2 Assessments

Our paper-based optional tests are available in reading, mathematics, grammar and punctuation and spelling for use on a termly basis in years 3, 4 and 5 (year 6 tests are also available to pre-order).

NFER Tests are the assessment choice of thousands of schools and will help you to confidently and consistently monitor attainment and progress in and across key stage 2.

  • The autumn tests for all subjects give a baseline from which to monitor progress within the school year.
  • The diagnostic spring tests are perfect for identifying strengths and weaknesses, with extended guidance included in the teacher guide.
  • The summer tests for all subjects enable teachers to summarise attainment and progress year-on-year and within a school year.

Each set of tests will provide you with standardised and age-standardised scores and are supported by a free, easy-to-use online analysis tool to help you instantly convert raw scores into meaningful data, managed in one secure online area.