Year 6 Assessments

To complement our existing range of termly assessments, we have launched new year 6 tests. This full suite of NFER Tests for years 1-6 will enable you to consistently monitor attainment and progress across key stage 1 and key stage 2. 

Two sets of reading, mathematics and grammar, punctuation and spelling tests are available to pre-order: one set for use in the autumn term from 2019 and one set for use in the spring term from 2020. You can browse a selection of year 6 sample materials here. Our year 6 assessment materials will enable you to:

  • confidently measure pupils’ performance early on in year 6
  • gain formative information to support effective teaching and intervention in advance of the national curriculum tests.
  • build pupils’ confidence in sitting formal assessments, with materials that mirror the style of the national curriculum assessments.


Inform teaching and learning with diagnostic guides, included with all year 6 teacher guides.

Our year 6 materials include diagnostic marking guidance to help you identify gaps in learning and support further teaching. Diagnostic commentaries are provided for test questions for which pupils in our large nationally representative sample systematically made similar errors and demonstrate widespread misunderstanding or misconceptions. The percentage of pupils who answered the question correctly is shown alongside information about common errors and implications for teaching, to help inform your next steps. 

This guidance is presented in a separate diagnostic guidance booklet which is included in the price of the year 6 teacher guides. Please note, this will be available for delivery from early November 2019, and will automatically be dispatched in this week for all orders placed prior to this date, and alongside the teacher guides for all orders placed after this date.