Year 6 sample materials

A selection of new year 6 sample materials are available to view below. To help you review the quality typical of NFER materials, these samples are representative of the content, layout and question type you can expect to find in our NFER Tests, but to retain the integrity of the standardised papers they are not from the actual published materials.

Year 6 reading - Around the World in 72 Days:

Year 6 Example Reader Text
Year 6 Example Answer Booklet
Year 6 Example Attainment Targets

Year 6 mathematics

Year 6 Reasoning Example Materials
Year 6 Arithmetic Example Materials


Year 6 grammar, punctuation and spelling

Year 6 Grammar and punctuation Example Materials
Year 6 Spelling Example Materials


Year 6 assessments are available to pre-order for use in the autumn term from 2019 and spring term from 2020. 

Year 6 diagnostic guidance example materials coming soon!

Our year 6 materials include diagnostic marking guidance to help you identify gaps in learning and support further teaching. Examples of the type of guidance you will find in the year 6 diagnostic guidance booklets (one booklet is included with each year 6 teacher guide) will be available from the beginning of July 2019. In the meantime, you can find out more and view diagnostic sample materials for years 3-5, or see our full range of sample materials here