Why Use NFER for Assessment?

NFER has supported the education community for over 70 years and is a non-profit organisation. Any purchase you make from NFER helps fund further research to improve outcomes for children and young people. We understand that if standardised assessments form part of your current assessment strategy, choosing the right tests is an important decision.

Here are 5 reasons why schools choose NFER Tests:

  1. They have been standardised with 60,000 pupils to provide reliable national comparisons.
  2. They have been written for the current curriculum and provide appropriate content coverage.
  3. They are engaging for pupils and provide an age-appropriate level of challenge.
  4. They are consistent in producing data that is accurate and robust.
  5. They are the tests of choice for thousands of other primary schools.

Find out more about what schools think and view a selection of case studies.

Our standardisation process

Our tests undergo informal and standardisation trials in schools and our summer tests undergo an additional standards-setting process with large groups of teachers. Together these methods ensure that the tests give you reliable information you can use to monitor individual and group attainment and progress.

If you are interested in finding out more about our standardisation process you can view the NFER Tests technical manuals here.