Programme Details

The NFER ‘Enquiring Schools’ Programme is a package of face-to-face training and resources to help your school develop a research culture among staff to support school development. The programme is tailored according to school type and level of need, and is often used by schools as a key part of their CPD programme, utilising training days and staff meetings.

Bespoke programmes with more or fewer sessions are available, with the full programme consisting of:

A strategic planning session for school leaders

The Enquiring Schools Head of Learning will work with your senior leadership team to identify how your school will implement the programme and the level of support required.

An Enquiring Schools launch event

A special introductory workshop led by your facilitator and the Enquiring Schools Head of Learning.

In-school facilitation and support from a dedicated expert

Our expert facilitators visit your school (and provide online support) to guide you through the seven-step enquiry process. Visits can include workshops, research reviews and support locating relevant research, one-to-one meetings, coaching sessions, specialised training and discussions at staff meetings according to your needs. The number of visits required is agreed with you before starting the programme.

Festival of learning

The end of the programme celebrates your learning by sharing experiences across your team and planning how you will take the enquiry process forward. The NFER Research Mark will be presented if awarded.


Includes teacher based resources:

  • Explorer Toolkit
  • Research Insights: summaries of published research with suggestions for use in class
  • ‘How to....’ guides: concise advice about different aspects of research.

Research Mark

As an Enquiring Schools customer you can apply for the NFER Research Mark at no additional cost (normally £800 + VAT). This is an award scheme providing national accreditation for your engagement with research and enquiry.

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