About the Surveys

Ofsted Inspection can raise select issues to be addressed and highlight areas for improvement. School Surveys can help you to identify potential key issues early and factor them into your school improvement planning. This also allows you to show Ofsted the opinions of your parents, pupils and staff, which is feedback they are particularly interested in.

While Ofsted will conduct their own surveys of relevant stakeholders during inspection, it is worthwhile having your own evidence to add to the picture and demonstrate proactivity.

Parents: It is the duty of Ofsted inspectors to investigate the views of parents. Inspectors often use their own ‘Parent View’ system to try and obtain these results, though quite often the response rate can be low and not representative of all parents from your school. You can demonstrate the overall opinion of your parents using our surveys, which Ofsted will take into account.

Pupils: Ofsted inspectors must take on board the views of pupils before awarding their school rating. Quite often, the inspector can ask pupils to complete an online questionnaire to help identify their views. However, Ofsted will also use any survey that the school has purchased and conducted. NFER School Surveys for pupils can help you to obtain a full, broad and accurate picture of pupil opinion.

Staff: Ofsted now ask school staff to voluntarily complete a survey within their inspection. Using NFER School Surveys for staff, you can showcase opinion across a wide spectrum of areas whilst also gauging the feedback of your workforce in advance of the inspection. This may in turn help you to identify certain areas of concern and address them before Inspection time.

More information

For further information on Ofsted inspections download the School Inspection Framework and Inspection Handbook.