Parent Surveys: Communication

Demonstrating to Ofsted that your school communicates effectively with its parents is extremely important. The NFER Communication Survey is one of the themed surveys that can be used in conjunction with the General Parent Survey. It will help you gather feedback from parents on preferred communication methods and thoughts on existing practices.

There are many ways to communicate with parents in today’s world. From emails, newsletters, text messages, to social media or phone calls, finding out the preferred choices of parents will help you to deliver key information.
Needs and preferences may differ from one area to another, however common themes that have emerged through our surveys include:

  • keeping newsletters regular
  • updating websites
  • online systems for parents to share homework, merits, etc
  • updating comments in homework books
  • sending key date information early
  • allowing email communication with teachers
  • discussing costly school trips with parents before children
  • allowing email communication with teachers
  • not relying on children to pass on paperwork
  • emailing both parents.

Undertaking the Parent Communication Survey at your school will allow you to see which of these are most important to your parent demographic as well as any other suggestions they may have.