Parent View Preparation Summary

Ofsted collects parent views using an online facility called ‘Parent View’. NFER can now help schools to prepare for this in advance. Our School Surveys for Parents service includes an easy-to-use report featuring a ‘Parent View’ preparation summary.

What is Parent View?

Parent View is an online facility launched by Ofsted in October 2011 that allows parents and carers to give their views about their child’s school at any time of the school year. However, during an Inspection, parents will be actively encouraged to fill it in within a 24-48 hour timeframe to help inform the inspection judgement. Results from Parent View are open and accessible by all.

How NFER can help

Ideally, the results of the ‘Parent View’ survey at the time of an Inspection should not come as a shock or surprise to the school. To avoid this, schools should carry out their own sentiment monitoring on an ongoing basis to inform school improvement plans. Our School Surveys for Parents reports can help you prepare in two ways:

  • by allowing you to gain insight into parent perceptions of the same key areas Ofsted will be looking at - enabling you to rectify problems before an inspection
  • by comparing the results from your school to the results from all the other schools who have taken part in these surveys (weighted to be nationally representative) - so you can prioritise high-impact areas to focus on first, while demonstrating to Ofsted how you arrived at these objectives.