Pupil Surveys

To maximise pupil outcomes, we must listen to pupil voices. Our online surveys are engaging, simple and provide vital pupil feedback enabling schools to drive self-evaluation, school development and Ofsted inspection planning. With a customised online report, you can quickly highlight school strengths, areas for improvement and comparisons against UK schools.

We offer different survey packages as follows:

General surveys: these online surveys take around 20-30 minutes to complete on average and cover a variety of issues to gauge pupil perceptions and feelings on:

  • school (hard work, behaving, helping others)
  • teachers (help with learning, confidence and treating children the same)
  • at home (help with homework)
  • being healthy (eating well and exercise)
  • feelings (happiness, sadness, friends and family)
  • how could my school improve
  • school wellbeing / emotional wellbeing.

Bespoke surveys: create your own online survey for independent investigation of the issues that most matter to you. This package allows you to write up to 12 questions, including one ‘open’ question, and includes an online guide to help you develop the most effective questionnaire. NFER will collate the data into easy-to-read tables and charts and deliver it as a PDF report.

Themed surveys: our online themed surveys offer pupil perception and opinion on core areas such as:

  • Behaviour (lesson behaviour, behaviour management and expectations)
  • Learning & Curriculum (Best learning methods, learning objectives, perception on subject performance)
  • Safety & Bullying (Local area safety, bullying incidences and school management)


For the ‘General’ and ‘Themed’ survey options, we provide an interactive report summarising key findings and with data collated into easy-to-understand charts and tables allowing you to:

  • Track school vs. National performance
  • Measure school wellbeing and emotional wellbeing
  • Export charts (PowerPoint) & tables (Excel)
  • View qualitative response on open questions

Reports are issued within 10 days (excluding bank holidays and the Christmas period) and are held on NFER’s secure online portal.