Safety & Bullying Surveys

The NFER Safety and Bullying themed survey for pupils includes questions about safety in the local area, any incidences of bullying in school and how the school deals with bullying. We also provide data enabling you to compare your school to the results of schools nationally.

Our aggregated schools survey data for 2015 shows that 24% of children feel they have been bullied, while a further 15% say they aren’t sure. Meanwhile, parents and teachers largely feel that anti-bullying measures are effective. How does your school compare?


Anti-bullying publications

Tackling Bullying: Knowledge is power (2014)

Information - both about national trends and about what is happening in your own schools - is a powerful weapon in the fight against bullying. Dorothy Lepkowska explains.

Young people and e-safety: The results of the 2015 London Grid for Learning e-safety survey

This report looks at the online activities of London’s young people. The report highlights that children and young people use technology to have fun, study and communicate with others.