Staff Surveys

Staff are the heartbeat of every school. Their voice can help your school to recruit/retain personnel, improve learning outcomes or achieve standards. Our online surveys provide critical staff feedback to help you prepare for Ofsted inspections, drive self-evaluation and school development planning. A customised online report quickly highlights school strengths, areas for improvement and UK school comparisons.

We offer different survey packages as follows:

Insight into staff attitudes

Our online surveys are a quick and effective way to gain critical staff feedback, taking on average only 20 minutes to complete. Gauge insight into their opinions and feelings on:

  • your school (job satisfaction, school community, contribution to school goals)
  • senior leaders (supported, informed, valued)
  • colleagues (staff welfare, collaboration, support)
  • resources (facilities)
  • professional development (targets, performance management/review)
  • pupil needs (curriculum, assessment, SEN)
  • school policies
  • community (local area, parent relationships).

Presentation of findings

Following staff completion of the survey, you will receive an interactive report including key findings, staff engagement measure, charts and tables.

  • Track school vs. national performance
  • Measure staff engagement
  • Export charts (PowerPoint) & tables (Excel)
  • View qualitative responses on open questions
  • Report held on NFERs secure online portal
  • Reports issued within 10 days (Excluding bank holidays / Xmas period)