Our School Surveys for pupils contain two wellbeing measures to help you focus on the happiness of children and their life in school. You will receive a web-based report of the results with simple and easy-to-use charts and comparison data to evaluate your school vs. schools nationally.

School wellbeing

The ‘school wellbeing’ measure take into account pupils’ perspectives on the overall values and ethos of their school, for example how well the school encourages pupils to behave, work hard, help others and keep fit and healthy, and how well the school creates an environment that is fair, friendly or builds confidence.

Emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing measures pupils’ happiness, and is based on questions exploring:

  • their feelings on how they look
  • if they like the way they are
  • general feelings (sadness, happiness, loneliness etc)
  • how well they get on with others.

You can use your wellbeing results as part of a three-step process improvement process.

  1. Establish your current situation. What do your survey results tell you about what is going well and where there is room for improvement?
  2. Plan and implement a response
  3. Evaluate progress. Track your wellbeing measures over time to see improvements.