About the Report

Your school’s PISA-Based Test for Schools report is a robust, tailored report containing aggregated information about your students’ applied knowledge and competencies in reading, mathematics and science, as well as their attitudes towards learning and their views of the learning environment in the school.

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Your report will include background information about the assessments and how the results were obtained, along with guidance on how to interpret your school’s results. Because the participating students are randomly sampled, you can generalise the results to the whole cohort.

The report will explore relationships between assessment outcomes and background variables such as your students’ socio-economic profile and your school learning environment. It will also place your students’ achievements in context, relative to PISA outcomes within the UK and worldwide. This will allow you to benchmark your students’ performance against that of their peers in the UK as well as in some of the world’s top-performing schools.

In short, your report is designed to help you better understand the extent to which your students are equipped with the skills needed in today’s global economy, and to stimulate the reflection and discussion that can inform school self-assessment and improvement.

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