Greater Expectations: Supporting young people's aspirations and entitlements in their lives and learning, and the enabling role of digital technology. Year Two Research Report.


12 March 2010

At the end of year one it was identified that Greater Expectations is a project with ambitious aims. It endeavours to create a resource that is useful, informative and catalytic for young people, particularly those who face barriers in pursuing their ambitions, understanding and actualising their rights and having an effective voice in matters they care about. This continues to be the case.

At the end of year one it was suggested that paramount to the success of the resource was the inclusion of young people in the design and development of the site, the development of a strong and invested network, and an open and flexible feedback process. Year two of the project has attempted to develop these aims through the expansion of the Core Advisory Group to a wider community of individuals from different disciplines, the creation of a Young People’s Advisory Group, ongoing user testing, and an iterative resource development cycle.

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