Consultancy & Building Capacity

NFER’s expertise in education research and assessment is highly sought after. We understand that our clients sometimes require specialist advice and consultancy or for the capacity of their teams to be supplemented, and can offer this service on a short-term basis or as part of an ongoing relationship.

As one of the leading independent educational research organisations, we offer support across all of our areas of topic and methodological expertise.

We carefully tailor our support to individual clients. First, we focus on getting to know you and your needs. Then we design a package that will best support you to achieve your aims.

Our practicing education experts, researchers, economists, psychometricians, statisticians, information professionals and assessment specialists deliver all of our consultancy and training. This means that you can rest assured that what we offer is grounded in the latest theory and best practice and in successful real world application.

By developing your staff’s capacity to undertake, commission, interpret or use evidence and assessment data, we support innovation, system improvement, stronger leadership and more effective practice.

If you are interested in commissioning us to work with you, please contact our Business Development team.