How We Work - NFER

How We Work

NFER builds partnerships that are designed to deliver the educational impact that we and our clients are passionate about. This is especially crucial with our international work, for which we build teams of technical specialists, draw upon the breadth of NFER’s expertise and our extensive pool of associates, and utilise our proven project management capabilities to ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes.

We also have a growing network of local partners in the countries in which we work, which gives us the ability to gather data at scale and to respond quickly to new research opportunities. They also strengthen our teams with additional local knowledge that ensures our research is sensitive to local culture and context, and our findings can be of greatest practical use.

All of our work is governed by internationally recognised standards for ethics and transparency, and we treat the safety of researchers and research participants with the utmost importance. These policies and their implementation are governed by our Code of Practice and Code of Practice Committee.