Research & Evaluation

Our unique combination of research expertise and education specialism means we are ideally placed to monitor and evaluate the impact of education policies and programmes. We have provided assessment, research, evaluation and analytical support to a wide variety of countries, helping to support better outcomes for learners.

Evaluation: Evaluating how well education policy initiatives, classroom interventions and training programmes are working, and why, informs and supports the improvement of education and life chances for children and young people. We deliver bespoke end-to-end impact and process evaluations that are independent, robust, insightful and ethical.

We offer value for money evaluations that assess whether an intervention is delivering value for money, compared to similar initiatives, as part of a wider impact evaluation.

Trials Unit: NFER’s Education Trials Unit designs and conducts randomised controlled trials to standards aligned to CONSORT guidelines. The aim of our work is to generate robust evidence that can inform the education community’s decision making.

Qualitative research: Qualitative research can provide rich, in-depth information on the views, attitudes and behaviours of those involved in the education system. NFER offers an end-to-end qualitative research service, from selecting the best approach and instrument design through to helping our clients interpret what the data means for them.

Surveys: Surveys can provide invaluable information on the views, attitudes and practices of large numbers of people, including children, teachers, parents, employers and other key stakeholders. We work with a network of partner organisations, enabling us to gather high quality data across a range of countries.

Analysis of large datasets: Analysing existing data can help us to gain new insights to illuminate policy and practice questions. At NFER we are adept at applying advanced data analysis methods to key education datasets to do just that.

Reviews and evidence scoping: NFER literature reviews are rigorous succinct and independent. They inform our clients’ policy, practice and commissioning decisions. We have delivered reviews for governments, and research and education organisations in the UK, Europe and beyond.