GraphoGame Rime

GraphoGame Rime is a computer game developed to teach pupils to read by developing their phonological awareness.

Originally developed by a Finnish University, the GraphoGame group of programmes employ algorithms that analyse a child’s performance and constantly adjust the difficulty of the content so that the challenge matches the learner’s ability.

The English version of GraphoGame Rime was developed by the lead grantee, the educational neuroscientist Usha Goswami, building on research into 'rhyme analogy'. This is the notion that pupils learning to read in English learn not just through phonemes ('a','t') but also rimes ('at'). Pupils sit at a computer, laptop or tablet with headphones on, and play the game for around 10 minutes a day. Instruction is focused on helping children to match auditory patterns with groups of letters (e.g. rimes) displayed on the screen.

The game first focuses on rimes that are most common in English. But each child has a personal log-in, and the game offers increasingly challenging levels as they improve their skills.

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