What We Offer & Pricing

What do we give you?

  • expert advice on question wording and content
  • online survey set up and administration
  • achieved response from at least 1,000 teachers* (500 primary and 500 secondary teachers from a nationally representative sample of schools in England)
  • tabulated results showing frequency by phase and seniority
  • supplementary information about the sample composition and key demographics compared to the general population
  • an anonymised data set showing the data against different variables.

How much does it cost?

The cost of participating in the Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey is calculated on a per question basis as follows.

  • closed single-response question - £1,380 (+VAT)
  • closed multiple-response question - £2,000 (+VAT)
  • open response question - £2,050 (+VAT)
  • additional cross-tabulations (e.g., splitting results by academies/ non-academies) - £100 (+VAT)
  • tailored commentary report by specialist researcher - prices start from £650 (+VAT).

Bespoke surveys

Using our Teacher Voice panel. This might be an option where the timing of our main omnibus survey does not fit your needs and/or you want to run 20 to 30 questions. We can help to formulate the best approach to meet your research needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a bespoke costing.

* The achieved sample size may vary from 900 to more than 1000 in some surveys.