Evaluation of GraphoGame Rime

Project director: Ben Styles
Project leader: Jack Worth
Sponsor: Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)
End date: Spring 2018
GraphoGame Rime is a computer game developed to teach pupils to read by developing their phonological awareness. The evaluation will focus on 200 struggling Year 2 pupils in 10 Cambridgeshire primary schools, who will have already had a year of formal teaching, probably focusing on synthetic phonics. Instruction is focused on helping children to match auditory patterns with groups of letters (e.g. rimes) displayed on the screen. The game first focuses on rimes that are most common in English and then offers increasingly challenging levels as they improve their skills.


Pupils will be randomly allocated to use either GraphoGame Rime for 10 minutes daily in literacy lessons for 12-16 weeks, or have normal tuition. It will last over 2 years, with a new cohort entering the trial in the second year. We will assess pupils’ literacy ability before randomisation and after the intervention has been completed.