Girls Into Maths

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Tuesday December 17, 2019 - Tuesday December 17, 2019

12:30 - 15:30

London Academy of Excellence

Lilywhite House, 780 High Road, London, N17 0BX

Our own Afrah Dirie, a statistician at NFER is one of the inspiring female role models speaking at Girls Into Maths, discussing how maths has helped her in her job and what she finds so fascinating about the subject. She will also be answering questions during the 'free-roaming' stalls section.

This event is an afternoon of inspiration and interaction in the company of some female role models who have used maths to get where they are today: in business, in academia, and in positions of power. The afternoon aims to give girls from year 10 and 11 a chance to appreciate the vitality of the subject, the usefulness of the subject and (hopefully) their love of the subject. 

Who will benefit from attending?

This event is aimed at year 10/11 girls, who are capable of studying A Level Maths after GCSE, but who are not motivated to do so.

No boys invited I'm afraid...

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