NCME Annual Meeting: Bridging Research and Practice

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Wednesday June 9, 2021 - Wednesday June 9, 2021

Online Event

Virtual Standard Setting: Applying the Many-facet Rasch Measurement (MFRM) Model

The National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) is a community of measurement scientists and practitioners who work together to advance theory and applications of educational measurement to benefit society. The theme for their 2021 NCME conference is Bridging Research and Practice which is being held from 8 – 11 June.

On 9 June from 14:15, NFER’s Research Director Charalambos Kollias will be presenting on ‘Virtual Standard Setting: Applying the Many-facet Rasch Measurement (MFRM) Model’.

Virtual standard setting allows for reliable and valid cut scores to continue to be set when face-to-face workshops cannot happen. Charalambos’ paper will report on the Many-facet Rasch measurement (MFRM) model used to analyse judgments, compare media, and set cut scores.

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